Pairing/Character(s): Thor, Loki, Amora
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: What is a beautiful girl to do?
Disclaimer: Thor and all accompanying characters are copyrighted to Marvel.


The first son she went after, was Thor. Being the eldest, and slated to ascend the throne sooner or later, Amora thought it would be the best for her future to attach herself to him. Sure, he was a little dim-witted, but not many men matched her intellect in the first place, and his fierce loyalty to everything Asgard had to translate into fierce loyalty to his wife, hadn't it?

She liked the muscles he was developing, and how his skills with swords and blunt weapons developed equally. She admired the raw strength and force he used to wield his sword, even though some of his fights were a little staged - of course, no one would make the crown prince of Asgard loose, ever. Thor had much potential, and she took great time and effort to learn about her competition: lightheaded wenches, who talked about taking care of babies and their future husband, and the kind of dresses they were going to wear in public, and in private.

Her main competitor was no one else but the Lady Sif. Born a goddess, trained a warrior, and conveniently blessed with gorgeous looks and a body to die for. To make matters worse, Thor really liked her company; the way she wielded her sword, the way she was proud and fierce while fighting, and he admired her determination and strong will. Amora tried, but she realized quickly that she was no match; not only would she never become a warrior, but also her interests were lying in many other fields of interest. Amora craved power, Sif couldn't care less about the throne. Amora wanted to be the Queen, Sif wanted to be the Warrior Goddess. They'd never be equals, and they would always be adversaries - Sif didn't like Amora, and Amora hated Sif. She wasn't blind, though. She could see how Sif had Thor's eyes, and had his heart, even without the oaf knowing it; no, Thor Odinson was a lost cause to her.

The royal Palace of Asgard was her domain, she belonged there. Her life was to be surrounded with gold and luxury, and she wouldn't settle for less. If she couldn't get her hands on the crown prince, maybe... her surprise and excitement couldn't have been greater when the All-Father himself asked her to teach his son, who had developed an interest and a startling proficiency in magic. It wasn't Thor, but his second son, the younger brother: Loki. Amora had never given the shy, bookish boy a second look; well, she had her preferences set on strong, muscular men, and there was nothing wrong with having preferences! Just as there was nothing wrong with throwing said preferences overboard when she realized Loki's potential.

He had already taught himself to master rock and metal, and with her help, he mastered water. It was exciting to see his progress, and how intensely he dedicated himself to his studies. He was smart, he was quick, he was cunning... and he was lonely. Amora quickly figured out why Prince Loki didn't have many friends, and refused to call the Warriors Three and Lady Sif his friends. They were Thor's, and he'd never share their brawls, bragging and booze fests. He did love Thor as his brother, though, that was very obvious to Amora - but there was no partner in his life, and watching his potential first-hand, Amora decided to go after him.

It started with a kiss, or better yet, half a kiss. She was so close, her lips pursed, and Loki had his eyes closed, his breath going a little faster. She was going to be his first, she knew it, and her heart pounded in her chest. Loki was going to be hers, and in the very close future, her future, she was going to be the wife of the King's advisor, a powerful sorcerer of high influence - it was going to be perfect! But as she was just about to press her lips on his, the doors of the temple, where they practiced with the water basin, were slammed open and Thor entered. He demanded to have a minute of Loki's time, and Amora wasn't included; she took the hint, made a graceful bow and left, while seething on the inside. That stupid oaf! The big, ill-mannered lummox! How could she ever have considered becoming his wife? She would be extremely unhappy, married to a brute like him! Let Sif deal with him, she would probably use her sword to clobber some manners into him! Annoyed, she went to her own chambers; being a teacher to Odin's son granted her the privilege to live in the royal Palace, exactly where she belonged. She calmed herself down. There would be another chance.

But it never came. Loki and Thor went missing, and Asgard balanced on the brink of war with Jotunnheimr. Amora was called to help taking care of the injured, and project defensive shields when necessary. It never came to fighting due to Odin's interference, and the war was called off. When both princes returned to the palace, something had changed. Loki didn't pursue his lessons with Amora anymore. She wanted to offer him to resume his studies, but when she caught him turning water into solid ice with just a puff of breath, she left him alone. It was something that she hadn't been able to master, and she asked herself if the student had already surpassed the master.

Her other chance never came. Loki grew up, aging from teen to adult, and his lanky body shot up, almost just as tall as Thor. But where Thor was golden and red, Loki was green and dark. One had to be blind to not see the rift between the brothers, an awkward, invisible line separating them even though they claimed to love each other. Amora saw the change, but her plans didn't change. She wanted Loki. She wanted the power that came with him. He was so powerful, so strong in will and mind, that she couldn't help herself. She wanted to be with him, strip that armor off of him, and scratch his naked body until he bled and panted and begged for more. She wanted his body, she wanted everything he could give her, she even wanted his child. The raw edge in his eyes, his long slender fingers, his tall legs. Everything, everything she wanted - but she was denied.

The Bifrost was gone, and so was Loki. The silence in the palace was deafening and she knew she had missed her chance, her final opportunity. Amora left Asgard soon after. Her lust would never be satisfied, so why should she stay?