Gift fic : My Favourite


Author: FancyFigures (fancyfigures @
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Pairings: 1x2
Category: Pocky fluff, AU, foodstuff-squick?!
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon-y
Spoilers: None
Notes: If you like sweet things, you're gonna love this!
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"Don't come in!" Duo’s voice was full of urgency and panic.

I stood at the kitchen door, my fingers frozen round the doorknob, unsure of what to do. There'd been the sound of a God-awful crash- there’d been a yell of pure fury, and then several yelps of something like shock.

"Duo? Are you OK?"

"Yes! Yes!" came the hissed reply. "Just don't come in!" There was the sound of something crunching underfoot, like shattered glass. There was the rattle of a piece of cutlery spinning across the lino. Another rich curse.

I was genuinely worried now. "Look, that sounds like trouble! Can't I help?"

I'd been drowsing on the couch, just too warm and relaxed at his apartment; just too warm and relaxed with him- and now this noise had woken me. How long had I been asleep? I glanced at my watch and felt a wash of shame- I'd been out for an hour or more! Dammit, I thought, what sort of friend am I? All the others had gone home, but I'd offered to stay and help Duo clean up after the Christmas dinner he'd cooked us all. Then I fell asleep like some careless kitten who expects nothing but to be pampered and indulged! I pushed on the handle, firmly- he had to let me into the kitchen to help him out, didn't he? The door opened in front of me.

His head spun round to face me, face red, braid slapping round his neck. His eyes glared at me- who the hell said I had the sole copyright on the Death Glare? He stood at the counter, hands gripping it as if to keep himself upright; he was panting slightly.

I looked down at the floor.

"I told you to stay out!" he snapped angrily, but his voice shook slightly, too. "I- just dropped something, that's all!"

That deceptively simple explanation didn't even begin to cover the carnage in that room! There was a crumbling of broken glass all around his feet- a collection of dirty spoons and spatulas lying amongst it. The floor was covered with a shining puddle of thick, dark brown liquid; as I stared in shock, it oozed slowly around his bare heel.

There was a thick, sweet smell in the air.

"You're cooking?" I asked, rather stupidly.

"So?" he answered, belligerently. My eyes ran up to his face- but never reached it. They skipped over the handful of kitchen cloths that he held at his waist, and I gazed, transfixed, at his bare chest. He'd taken his vest off earlier in the evening when the fire had just got too hot for him, and kicked off his boots even earlier. After all, Duo often wandered round his apartment in next to nothing- just his loose-fitting sweat shorts. He wouldn't get back into any additional clothes just for cooking- I knew he liked to relax while he was creating. It was his apartment, right? He was entitled to wear as much- or as little- as he liked. All of these thoughts ran through my mind, explaining- most objectively, most unconvincingly- the fact that he was half-dressed.

And that his torso was splattered with the same glutinous, brown liquid that was all over the floor! It was thickly caked down one side; there were some drops at the base of his throat; a liberal coating over both of his nipples. They were just dark little shadows among a glistening mess. They looked erect.

"It's chocolate," I said. When was I going to sound more intelligent? I blamed the fact I'd just woken up. Wondered why my breath was a little shorter. Why I wanted to lick my lips. "What the hell happened?"

He shut his eyes briefly as if he wanted the whole damned thing to go away; when he opened them again, I could see the wry disappointment in his expression when he found it hadn't.

"You were asleep- and I wanted you to stay- I mean, I didn't like to disturb you. So I thought I'd make you a few more chocolates. Y'know? You love 'em so much- you crave anything chocolate! The cake; the sponge; the pudding; the Pocky- you love it all! I mean, all of the guys like my chocolates- but you didn't get as many as them tonight. Wufei's the biggest hog this side of the trough, and I don't know why Trowa is the beanpole that he is when he eats so many of the damned things! And Quat- well, you'd never believe the gleeful expression on his face when he snatched the last cream out of your hands!"

Duo's chocolate truffles were legendary, of course. We clamoured for them every holiday, and there'd been a large tray-full at tonight's get-together. He had a talent for making the exotic confectionery- a creative touch that filled them full of sinful sweetness. We regressed back into helpless, greedy children as soon as they appeared! We all had our favourites- the ones with the softest hint of maraschino, rolled in the finest coconut threads; the ones with the zip of chilli, coated with a coffee-flavoured shell; the ones drenched with the sharp zest of lemon.

He was right- I craved them! My sweet tooth was a strange and wild weakness in amongst my usually rigid self-control.

"But the bowl was slippery," he muttered. He looked up at me with wary eyes. He dabbed the kitchen cloth at his side, trying to shift some of the congealing mess.

"It started to slip away from me- the melted chocolate spilled all down my front! I was preparing the coating; was just gonna try this new recipe with added raspberry juice and fresh vanilla cream- you love raspberries..." He groaned, softly. "Look, just get off home, Heero, and let me clear up here-"

"But there's so much of it!" OK, I thought, so I wasn't getting much more articulate with the passing minutes. All I could do was stare with amazement. His breathing was quickening, and there were tiny cracks in the coating on his torso; it was obviously starting to set. There was another trail, trickling around his waist, and round to...

"Duo, is it all over your back, too?" I wondered how the hell it had got round there, too.

He flushed, angrily. "Leave it, Heero, I'm fine-"

"How?" I asked. "How can you get so covered in the stuff, just from a slippery bowl?"

He groaned, again. "OK, so the grabbing at it was the second mistake! It dripped all over the floor as well, as you can see - I lost my footing-"

"You fell in it! On your butt!" I smiled.

"Don't laugh," he muttered. "Damned stuff was still hot- all sticky... look, I just need to go have a shower, you need to get off home or- or whatever-"

He was so flustered; my heart went out to him. He'd been the perfect host all evening, he'd always been ready to see that I ate well, that I was comfortable, that I was enjoying my Christmas dinner-

He'd been at my side most of the time, actually. When Quat had beaten me to that last truffle, the glare in his bright eyes had been almost murderous! Something nagged at my mind, and teased at my chest. Something warm and strangely cosy. I shook it off, to concentrate on the matter in hand.

"Let me help you clean it off, Duo." I took a step nearer to him, careful to miss the pool of chocolate on the floor. "Turn around, let me see how much we have to deal with."

Duo's eyes widened. "No!"

"Huh? I can help chip it off or whatever's needed, then you can go shower and I can clean up in here-"

"No!" That note of panic was back in his voice. "Get back!"

"Don't be stupid," I said, rather hurt that he didn't want my help after all. I always offered it, whenever we came round- he always accepted. The others always made a quick exit, but Duo and I didn't mind. We worked well together, cleaning up and enjoying the tales of the evenings we'd shared. But perhaps he'd only ever been polite- perhaps he actually wanted me to go home and leave him alone. I took another step nearer him. "Just get on with it! The longer you leave it to harden on you, the worse it'll be to get off."

The expression on Duo's face was unreadable. He pursed his lips; he flushed again, very deeply. He turned round to face the counter- to give me the view of his back. The cloths he'd been clutching to his front fell on to the floor, to lie beside the wreckage there, already caked in smears of solid chocolate.

I stared again; seemed I was doing a lot of that. The chocolate had spread all over his lower back, with some streaks up to his shoulders- obviously as he'd fallen into it, still wet and dripping. It was also spread all over his buttocks- a matte shadow on the muscles; clinging trickles on the creases between his upper thighs and those buttocks. His bare buttocks. My mind refused to move away from the subject. "Duo, you've- you're- you're naked."

He growled.

"How come?" I said. My voice sounded squeaky. How come he had no shorts on? How come I hadn't noticed before? How come my heart was so noisy against my ribcage? His sigh was one of complete defeat; like nothing was ever going to go right for him again.

"The first mistake was losing my grip on the bowl," he muttered. "Tipping the whole pile of stuff down my front. It was hot, I told you- thought I was gonna burn my family treasures off! I thought I'd better slip off my shorts quickly- there were spares in the bathroom, I could creep past you and your snoring to get them-"


"Then, like I said, I made my second mistake- the grabbing to catch the bowl- the slipping over on to my damned butt!"

"Covered you all over..." I said wonderingly.

He closed his eyes again, trying again to avoid the misery of this evening's disaster. "They say real life is more bizarre than fiction, don't they? I fell on my butt, tried to get up, slipped over on my front, tried again, fell on my knees,tried again..."

"OK," I said. "Enough!" I stared at his shivering body- saw the dejected slump of his shoulders. I didn't know whether to laugh, or cry for him. "Turn back round, Duo."

"Can't," he said, rather ruefully. The rest of his non-chocolate-covered body looked like it was blushing, if that were possible. "I'm totally starkers, Heero. I've lost the cloths that were giving me a couple inches of modesty. And I'm still covered with this damned chocolate!"

"Turn around!" I said firmly.

I saw his shoulders tighten suddenly. He turned round slowly, arms still gripping the counter. I met his eyes and grinned at him, encouragingly. He looked humiliated; he looked hopeful; he looked puzzled. I let my eyes slide down over his chocolate chest- his nipples that looked like nothing more than confectionery nibbles. I let my gaze travel south, the chocolate having dribbled down his belly, along the path of his hairs, puddling in his navel, sinking on down into his groin area. It was all covered now in a mess of sticky, solidifying chocolate. There was another shadow between his legs- something bumpy; something raised above the taut skin of his hips; something that I'd always thought would be really damned tasty, but I'd never had the nerve to suggest trying out...

I caught my thoughts, and shocked myself! Not for the first time, I wondered about the tales of chocolate- its effect on the psyche; on the endorphins of the body; on one's libido...

I took another step closer.

"What the hell are you doing, Heero? This is bad enough, as it is-!"

Call it curiosity, call it overwhelming instinct. Blame the cloying, seductive smell of chocolate in my nostrils; blame the tang of lemon cream truffles still in the back of my throat. Blame the amazing magnificence of Duo Maxwell, standing tall in his despair with chocolate lava all over his flesh. Blame my impatience- finally!- with my timidity, and inability to tell him how I felt about him. I put a hand to the counter beside him and leaned in. My head dropped a little. My tongue slipped out of my suddenly dry mouth, and I licked his left nipple.

He yelped with shock. But it was a different kind of yelp from when he'd dropped the bowl and fallen around in the chocolate. Or I liked to think it was.

"You-" he gargled. "I- you- chocolate- you mean you- me -?"

"Yes," I murmured. He hadn't pushed me away; he hadn't yelled with indignation or scorn. I nibbled gently, and the chocolate broke away from his skin in my mouth. I savoured it; I slipped it around my taste buds, and swallowed it with a loud, satisfying slurp. I reached for the other nipple, greedily. I felt his chest tighten up underneath me, and there was a sudden twitch of movement between his legs. I looked down, and smiled. The bumpy shadow had cracked its chocolate coating, and was rearing slowly out from its sugary prison. I had my answer; his response to me. Duo had an impressive erection, and it was coming up to greet me! It was still covered in chocolate over its tip- but now I could see the fresh, pink skin underneath, emerging from a base of sticky brown hairs.

It looked like nothing more than a delicious, sexy, mouth-wateringly human stick of Pocky! I guessed I'd died somewhere over coffee and gone to heaven. I wasn't going to question how or why I deserved it- I just wanted to taste it!

"You're- um- look, Heero-" he cleared his throat; he shuddered underneath me, as I started to sink gently down on to my knees, my fingers dragging down shallow indents in the chocolate along his sides. I could feel the chocolate coating on the floor start to crack and flake under my pants, but it didn't really matter- I hoped I'd be taking them off as well, later.

"Heero- you here to help me clean up again, then? Hell, I've invited you enough times, trying to catch your notice..."

I mumbled; my lips were touching possessively at a line of sweet delight just under his belly. "Raspberry, you say?"

He swallowed hard; his back arched. "Made it for you, Heero!" he gasped, the grin back on his face now, at last. "I know it's your favourite!"