gift drabble : Loss


Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! and its characters do not belong to me, and no profit has been made. This drabble was purely written for pleasure ^_~!

Title: Loss

Spoilers: For Season 4: Waking the Dragons

Dedication: For daimeryan_rei


It should have been me. The silence is deafening; the guilt, overwhelming and I lie awake, unable to find solace in sleep. To share a body with someone, have them always present, know you intimately and then lose them in a moment of madness… I cannot express the deep sorrow, the loneliness I feel in mere words.
I could not control my rage and now I have lost my innocence, my conscience, my closest friend; the one who understands me better than I do.

But rest assured, I will not stop until you are restored to me, my dear Yugi.