Gift fic : Trust


Title: Trust
Author: Kentra Shinataku
Anime: Gundam Wing
Pairings: Trowa/Duo

for Daimeryan Rei


One strand over the other, a lock of dull blonde tucked just behind a chunk of silky brown, crisscrossing a random sample of red, and he delved his callused fingers into the blankets of satiny hair arranged over a bony and frail spine. The aged roughness of a fingertip snagged a few multihued hairs from the pattern of corresponding brunettes so it looped over to the left in a way it wasn't quite supposed to. His same finger scooped it back into the pile of chocolate velvet that didn't yet fit with the larger pattern, and his knuckle dipped inadvertently against the creamy skin. His shoulder blade was very cold.

Red beneath blonde. Brown overlapping both blond and red. One strand atop the other, smothering individual effervescence, the unique tones melding into one texture, singular and stable, a rope of chestnut snaking over protruding vertebrae and branching into a sheet of thick, auburn luster.

The reserved skin beneath the heap of tresses quivered apprehensively, indecisive of the touch on his skin, of alien fingers stroking the timid skin and of the fingers wandering and binding his hair.

The fingers were trusted, though, their cool and elegant pattern lacing him into his grasp.

He let his fingers toil quicker than at first, enduring the lack of savory sensation he deprived himself of. His fingers fell clumsy, tangling into one another and within the hair that was flowing so effortlessly over them.

One over another. Behind. Red, brown, blonde. Smooth them together.

He fingered the rope in satisfaction, admiring the multitude of colors that never failed to dazzle him. So many elements embedded within each other, around each other, atop each other, characterized the trust that united them.