Birthday gift fic : his Master's Wish


title: his Master's Wish
author: trixie
disclaimer: god, if i owned 'em… whee!! but sadly, no.
summary: Marik demands a first kiss. (Yu Gi Oh!, Marik/Rishid)
notes: for daimeryan rei, for her birthday, and for fic on demand, tho i'm a little embarrassed cuz i don't really know Yu Gi Oh well enough…


It was always dry in the tomb, and any water had to be carefully sealed away to protect the ancient scrolls that they safeguarded. His lips were dry, parched even, the skin cracking and peeling. It was natural, and he couldn't do anything about it.

Had he known that his beloved master would demand a kiss, he would have taken measures to protect his lips. He may have taken a drink to wet his tongue. Marik was demanding, and persistent. Rishid was afraid he was proving to be a poor servant, again.

Marik pulled away, and looked at Rishid calmly. Rishid was always in awe of his master's beauty. The silky, golden hair, the sparkling violet eyes. The perfect skin, the well-formed body… He was clumsy and oafish next to his master, his arms were too long, his body too big. He was ugly, but his master was kind to him, and forgave it.

Rishid wanted to keep his tongue, but he couldn't help it. "Why, master?"

"Because," Marik replied coolly. "A kiss is something I should know about."

Rishid lowered his head. "I am a poor servant, my master. You should have had a better kiss for your first time."

Marik's small, delicate hand rested on Rishid's shoulder. "I chose you, Rashid. Do you question my judgment?"

"Of course not, master!" Rishid objected quickly. The very idea of him questioning Marik! On Marik's whim, he would run off to the moon to collect flowers.

Marik smiled slightly, just a hint of an upturned corner on the left side of his mouth. "Good. Now, read me a story."

Rishid automatically stood to get a book. It had been many, many years since he had read to his young master, so it was hard to find something suitable, but he didn't question the order.
His master's every command brought him nothing but pleasure.